Which Talent Do We Value In Others?

Which Talent Do We Value In Others?

“Which talent among human beings is deemed as the most revered, best regarded, considered of the most worth?”


Yes, which talent do we actually value in others? I once asked my friends the same question. Some of them said artistic ability, others agreed upon great intellect – creativity, genius. And the comic geeks gave their consensus upon super-human abilities.

These answers would’ve been on point, if only my question was – which is the most valuable talent someone can have? And as for the answer to this question, I haven’t the faintest clue.

Even though my question is tricky – the answer is really simple. Here let me explain.

If an artist creates a piece of art which is beautiful, or an innovator invents a work of powerful latest techniques – they will be appraised to launch a movement in arts or science respectively.

Yet, if another, working independently with the same level of skills were to achieve the similar accomplishments the very next week; would they gain the similar acclaim?

Well, their achievements would be labeled as derivatives.

The same goes for intellect. Delay in the publication of a theory – and who will be remembered for its greatness? Without any doubt, the one who published it earlier!

So the correct answer isn’t creativityintellect or genius. The correct answer is novelty. That is what we value in others.

It doesn’t matter what you create, but what you create before anyone else. Timing is indeed everything.