Personalized Marketing For Enhancing User Experience

Personalized Marketing For Enhancing User Experience

Have you ever created something?

When you spend your time, energy or other resources creating anything, you naturally gain a sense of ownership towards it.

And what you own must be good right?

That’s the psychology of Personalized Marketing behind Customer Co-Creation and User Generated Content which brands have been implementing lately.


GoPro is an excellent example of Personalized Marketing through User Generated Content.

It’s an American company which develops and sells high definition video cameras. These cameras are compact, durable, relatively cheap and are often used in extreme sports like mountain biking, wind surfing and skydiving.

The brand generates and promotes content by holding contests in which customers submit photos or videos of adventures taken by their GoPro cameras.

Imagine if your customers were to become die hard fans of your brand. GoPro’s customers are so engaged and loyal to the brand that you’re bound to be envious of their work.

It’s only because they understand the psychology behind Personalized Marketing.

Key takeaway from this case is to let your customers contribute in the creation of content along the way.

These contributions are creative in nature and the user adds something new to what’s been done before.

Innovation happens everywhere, but there is simply more elsewhere than here.

It’s one of my favorite quotes from the book “Innovation Happens Elsewhere” by Ron Goldman and Richard Gabriel.

If you think about it then it’s not limited to innovation but implies to almost anything – problems, happiness, sleeping, thinking. There’s simply more activity happening elsewhere than here.

Similarly there are more resources for innovation outside the firm than inside the firm. If you relate this to Customer Co-Creation, this is really the core idea. The simple fact that customers can actually help in enhancing product development activities.

Local Motors is my favorite example in this form of Personalized Marketing strategy.


Personalized Marketing

Let me begin by providing a bit of an overview to Local Motors which is comparatively a new vehicle manufacturer.

It’s an American startup, founded in 2007 by Jay Rogers. Local Motors is currently selling a variety of motorized vehicles, most notably its car “The Rally Fighter.”

It is an unusual looking car which has both normal and off-road driving capabilities. The Rally Fighter costs around $100,000 which is quite expensive.

But the most noteworthy fact about this car is that it was created using the principles of Customer Co-Creation.

The buyers play an active role in actually building their own Rally Fighter.

Another exceptional thing about the car is that it was designed and manufactured in less than two years which is much faster than the typical automobile industry standard.

This shows us that traditional innovation practices are less than ideal, as they restrict the flow of ideas from those outside the firm.

So in my view if you can co-create a car you can co-create just about anything.

Marketers who are still in love with mass media, it’s time to move on!

Purchasing advertising space and expecting a profitable return is an artifact of ancient marketing.

The fact is – mass marketing is out the window, while personalized ways to communicate with customers are in through the doors.

It’s not business as usual – it’s high time to get personal!

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